Name: Marble

Product Code: GM-128

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Mobile: 00968-79-00-99-77


Address: Al Ghubrah,Sultanate Of Oman

 Central Office Tehran: unit 10 , Fifth Floor, Plate 201 , Above Oil street , Zafar st  , Shariati st

Central Office Shiraz: Unit 6, Floor 3, left, Building of Farda, left, , Shahid Avini Blvd, Afif Abad Road

 Warehouse: Fourth door,  End of road to the left ,  Rough road ,  Right side , End of street,  second North street, Shoor abad



About Us

The use of stones with large blocks has begun, and with the advent of science and technology gradually reduced its weight and more attention to color, smoothness, texture and strength of stone, and now more than beautiful plaques with color, nice polishing, Little diagonal will used. Gmt., actively with expert team will consult and help you to identify stone types. Gmt can assist you in marketing, selling, importing and exporting a different kind of stone business which relies on the principle of customer satisfaction, so you can get the best deal. Be with us.